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Poster: TOOTMO Date: Feb 3, 2012 10:25am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I figured it out

I have four critters: one is in college and three are still at home. My middle schooler is doing band this year. She is a clarinetist but wanted to be on drum line. The last two will also do band in middle school in two and four years from now. Critter number 3 does NOT want to be a clarinetist and neither does Critter #4. They both want to do percussion. I have absolutely no musical talent or knowledge. This dvd seemed like an interesting way to get ##3&4 to "think" about rhythmn.

What could be funkier than JB's drummers?

This year I decided to get my Critters (and my Critters' mama) each a gift for St. Valentine's Day.
Critter #2 is getting a book and dvd on the April Tornadoes (she asked for it.) #4: roller blades. #3 a funky video (and a certain Star Wars t-shirt that appeals to 4th grade boys (though, I bet he would rather have a Princess "Laya" poster!)). Critter #1 got free counsel in Tuscaloosa muni court this morning so I am not sure that he is getting anything else.

Tip o' my 'Q: I'm a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge.

See? It all makes sense (at least, more so than Tell's abbreviations.)

Speakin' of Kansas City
Dark Star> Philo Stomp> MorningDew
(And it will all fit on one side of a Maxell!)


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Poster: craven714 Date: Feb 6, 2012 4:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I figured it out

Sry its taken a while to respond, but life can turn into a big ball of crap sometimes..............anyway.

I will try to make this short~

What could be funkier than JB's drummers?
His underwear stuffed in his shoes on Sunday morning?
Thats funky>>>>>>>>>

Man< I havent listened to this KC show in wayyy too looong
Thx for the rec :)

OK, I get critter = offspring. Right. I hope you show your
children all the support for the passion of music that you can in any way, shape, voice, form, lessons,
monetary unit, instrument... whatever it takes.
And take it seriously. It might be hard for you ~
"have no musical talent/knowledge".
And you listen to the GD. hmmmmm

Interesting to me. All I can state from personal experience my friend is a few:
If it works, show the JB funky drummers to said critters.
If they get it, more power to ya. But, to me it would be
like getting dunked in the deep end of a pool. Start more
simply than that you know? I have been a drummer for 25+ years, and it's hard for me to wrap my head around those JB drummers to this day.

I cant imagine what a teenage girl might think of that video. If I were you, I would be so
happy that you have the resources and the desire that you
seem to have. I hope your critters enjoy every moment of the band years (and more or course).

They deserve it.

So, I would find out what their interests are as far as drumming, and/or other instruments that can be explored,
(I would not suggest the rhythm method though~ joke).... and go from there bro. May I make a HUGE suggestion:

Get them to take up the sax. To me it combines the melodic and percussive worlds brilliantly. Think about it.

And being one who has had to lug around a few drum kits for years to make a living, I cant tell you how many
times I have wished that my parents made me learn the harmonica.

Mull it over. Lemme know how it goes. Too bad there is no market for vibraphone players since Lionel Hampton.

The BBQ thing is interesting to me as well. Maybe we can get to that some other time. I have been a cook and a
drummer since I was 15. So thanks for explanation.
(and that fab philo stomp rec) I do appreciate it. You can always hit me a this user name with the yahoo---thing added.

Peace to you, yours, and the molasses to brown sugar ratio..